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Enjoying and thankful for the opportunity to learn more about BFR!! Blood flow restriction has many physiological benefits and it’s great to learn straight from the source. #futureDPThttps://t.co/dcFdGZ4vyK

Congrats on a great career!! Was fun battling against a great year in and year out. Welcome to the other side!! https://t.co/EufUybE0xk

Yes I did!! The kids were amazing and fun!!! https://t.co/N33DWzlDSD
D_Brut30 photo
Broncos Off Field @BroncosOffField
. @D_Brut30 always did love hanging out at the @Broncos @BGCMetroDenver Club.


#TBT https://t.co/xiq9zoT9qk

Join me in wishing a Happy 52th bday to my beautiful mama, my twin, brutonshawn!! Thank you for all you have done for your two knuckleheads of sons, haha! It’s your day, I hope you… https://t.co/UKhw257L1r

Some photos from our mountain fun this weekend!! #whistlerblackcomb

Adventures with some great people, from teaching _tina_edwards how to board, to boarding each bowl of the resort, to… https://t.co/Ku2QU56Ggs

Happy Valentines Day to this gorgeous lady, _tina_edwards! Today was great from dinner with the kids, to ice cream, to our little photo shoot (haha), to some one on one time! Thank you… https://t.co/6M5J5BD0KD

Been to a couple of Super Bowls, loss one and won one! Here are a couple of pics from the one in which we won! Tough to not play in this game, but great to watch my teammates ball out… https://t.co/JWztU8EfDN

Congrats to the classy and stylish owner in all of football!! Thank you for taking a chance on a young kid out of ND and allowing me to help lead your team. I am forever grateful and… https://t.co/rQRQMc2X6L

Congrats brotha!! Heck of an accomplishment much deserved for a heck of career. Thank you for showing me the way to be a professional and a leader. Proud of you thechampbailey!! Glad to… https://t.co/AHYeAet4tW

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