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Find me in the picture......

Gotcha!! I’ll slug you later https://t.co/CojqSa0UZf

Hope you had a great birthday celebration!! You’re a great time babe and excited to share moments with you forever! I love you!! And thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate _tina_edwards birthday with… https://t.co/OL2U6PBmij

Congrats to a real 🐐, thechampbailey!! This is much deserved! @profootballhof got this right, because you, my friend are a hall of famer on and off the field.

I want to just take the time to thank you for the… https://t.co/f26wTjRGMH

Just because she’s a bad ass, a superhero and gorgeous all at the same time. I love u _tina_edwards https://t.co/PWoizPOxG7

Late Post but still it’s my dad!! Happy Fathers Day Pops! No matter where I was in life, you have been there to support me. And I will forever love and thank you for that. Thank you for being an amazing, God… https://t.co/Vghz30Mizv

Rest in Heaven Mr. Bowlen!! You changed a lot of individuals lives throughout your life, from the players and people directly associated with the organization to the community. You left an everlasting mark! Thank… https://t.co/EcWu8RDgwT

Haha you don’t even believe that haha but for sure will keep grinding. U as well!! I see u doing ur thing in the community https://t.co/gmgMzcN9bj

1st Day of DPT school at @cuanschutz!! Words to describe how I’m feeling... excited (_tina_edwards so escitedddd!! Haha), nervous, anxious.... but I have wanted to be a Physical Therapist way before @nfl became a… https://t.co/pN9KWJaljz

Good times at @denpopcon with the fam!! “I wanna see the superheroes!!” And y’all did see them!! https://t.co/eQEHt4HVzr

Farewell Athens! Farewell Greece 🇬🇷!! It’s been a great time. Within these 2 short days in Athens, a lot has happened!! For starters, she said yes!! So yup, that’s my fiancé looking all gorgeous!! And she did so at… https://t.co/zrzf0B1Spl